Three Ways To Prevent Flat Tires

6 November 2017
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Flat tires are an inconvenience at best and total nuisance at worst. If you find that you have frequent flat tires on your vehicle, it may be time to look at what is causing them. It is also worth it to do everything you can to prevent them. Check Your Driveway, Lawn, Sidewalk, and Street for Nails Sharp bits of metal, such as nails and jagged metal scraps, can tear into a tire, come loose, and then leave behind a hole that causes the air to leak out. Read More 

Smog Checks: What You Should Know

27 June 2017
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In some states, such as California, you must pass a smog check before you can register your vehicle. You're also required to get a smog certificate before selling your vehicle. Newer vehicles don't cause as much air pollution as older ones. Therefore, a smog check is often not required if your vehicle is less than six years old. If you've been told that smog checks in your area are required, here's what you need to know. Read More 

Diagnosing A Faulty Trailer Electrical System

3 May 2017
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To legally drive your utility trailer, it is necessary to have taillights in order to communicate with motorists driving behind you. This requires an electrical system that is run through the utility trailer. When the wiring becomes defective, it will be necessary to have the wiring repaired in order to drive safely on the road. While some problems are easy to repair, others can be difficult to diagnose. Early Tests Read More